Inspiration and creativity

Italian version here! What's the difference between inspiration and creativity? It's easy to find, here on the internet, videos and posts about how to find and boost creativity and inspiration. But, my intention here is to give a closer look at these two ideas that seem so similar. This will be a mini-seires on inspiration.... Continue Reading →


Creepy story: Forgotten [It/Eng] (original story)

Italian version here! Forgotten 19:30. I parked the car by the sidewalk. My brother's house was on the other side of the street. I was waiting for him to go visit our parents. He was late and texted me he hadn't had is shower yet. So I took my phone and checked my social media... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tales in Middle Age

Italian version here! Fairy tales are so ancient that some come from the Bronze Era (6500 b.C.), and many from Middle Age. Take your bag and join me at the Time Crossroad if you want to know something more on medieval fairy tales. Modern fairy tales have a very precise structure and features, as you... Continue Reading →

How to write a FAIRY TALE [It/Eng]

Italian version here! Today we're going to cook pancakes of fairy tales. Why pancakes? Because fairy tales are similar to how pancakes are served, one "layer" after another and you can add everything you want!!! Description Fairy tales are short stories coming from popular tradition. They belonged to the oral culture and were told from... Continue Reading →

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