English Hall

Welcome, my foreign friend!

In this hall you’ll find a collection of all my english posts. Sometimes I like to write in a double language, Italian (which is my mother tongue) and English to improve my knowledge. I love reading books in English too, so I share quotes from them.

I hope you can enjoy your staying at my castle. 

Daniela, Lady of Lumirose Castle

Double language posts


J. R. R. Tolkien, il film/the movie – Cinema – coming soon


Plan with me: how to plan a week – come pianificare la settimana + weekly planner pdf!

InDesign: how to create a table for Christmas gift list + a pdf for you! – Come fare una tabella per la lista dei regali di Natale + un pdf per voi! [It/Eng]

Photoshop: last minute mother’s day bookmark | segnalibro last minute per la festa della mamma

Adobe InDesign: How to decor your planner / come decorare la vostra agenda [It/Eng]

Adobe InDesign: How to make a table in 6 steps | come creare una tabella in 6 passaggi [It/Eng]

Plan with me: Matrix planner | un’agenda ispirata a Matrix [It/Eng]

Plan with me: Aprile | Errata corrige + english planner


Citazioni: Pride and Prejudice (J. Austen) my favourite quotes / le mie citazioni preferite [It/Eng]

Citazioni: my favourite STAR WARS QUOTES | May the 4th be with you! [It/Eng]


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